‘I’ve met the most awesome group, both team and attendees, who throw themselves into everything completely and wholeheartedly! I leave invigorated, revived restored and worked! Muscles ache from laughing as much as forest games! Don’t even think about it, GO!! Promise you’ll love it!’
- Amanda Christie

Am I fit enough for a retreat?

Yes! These retreats are not about being the fittest or the strongest, the purpose is far more than this. They are about connecting to yourself through the diverse and wild Scottish landscapes. There are so many activities going on, and all of them are optional, so you can dip in and out of what you like. The fitness sessions are fun and creative with the idea that you can push hard or take it easy, hopefully, they give you some ideas and also inspire you to move in more ways in the outdoors.

Can I book on by myself?

Absolutely, you can! Some people book as two friends, and others come on their own. Either is great and everyone, by the end of the weekend, is part of a new community. It’s a great chance to meet new people. I totally understand it can be daunting socially to join something like this on your own, but I have a passion for making others feel at home, and the whole team will welcome you with open arms.

What should I expect if I don’t camp normally and I have booked a retreat involving camping?

Don’t panic. You don’t need to be a weathered camper to join a camping retreat. First of all, check out the optional extras to see if they appeal to you for a luxury camping experience or get stuck in, and you will love it. We will help you set up your tent and ensure you have all the relevant kit before you come. If you are missing some kit then Yaz will be able to source some for you. We will ALWAYS have access to an indoor toilet and hot shower/bath. Camping is a great way of fully connecting to your environment, and there is something so special about heading back to a tent in the evening all lit up or waking up in nature with the natural light of the season.

Can I ask questions or speak to anyone on the phone before the retreat?

Yes, please do. Yaz is always available to answer any questions and reassure you. Her number is 07780476303, and if you are someone who prefers a phone call to chat things through, then that’s no problem.

Can I book a private retreat with my friends?

We offer bespoke retreats. It can be a lovely idea just to book a package as a group. We will then tailor the weekend to the specific needs of your party, and you can let us know what location you would like to go to. You can either select a date that is already running or choose your own date that suits your group. We do ask that you pay the amount that covers a full group of 8 people.