‘Yazzie has the most unflinchingly positive attitude of anyone I know. Time with her leaves you feeling inspired to give anything a go. She makes you feel good about yourself and seems to genuinely care about helping you achieve your goals. I'm going to treat myself to a Wilderness Fit every year!"’
- Pennie Latin Stuart

Yaz Basan


Yaz is the founder of WildernessFit retreats. She has a passion for movement and Scottish landscapes. ‘There is something about the rugged and wild landscapes in Scotland that make me feel so incredibly alive. When I move my body in them through trail running, hiking, scrambling or outdoor workouts, I generate an electric energy. My aim is to encourage others to access the outdoors in a fun and positive way whilst connecting to the land they are in on a deeper level.’

Yaz is a level 3 personal trainer and Summer Mountain Leader, she will guide you on your hill days and create nature based, outdoor workouts for you on the retreats. Yaz loves making everyone feel at home and will be creating the majority of the meals throughout the weekend and ensure you have a magical time.


Hannah is a naturopathic nutritionist specialising in gut health and fermentation and is the owner of Gut Feelings Kombucha in Findhorn. With a passion for maintaining a connection to land and low-waste living, Hannah offers a variety of workshops in which she teaches lost skills of preservation as a way of making the most of the produce within Scotland whilst also benefitting gut health. With a drive for continued learning, the sessions that Hannah offers will adapt over time as the information about gut health develops.

Alongside nutrition, Hannah is a keen basket weaver and will be available to offer a session of willow weaving at some of the retreats. Learning this skill is not only beneficial as a mode of working with nature but also as a way of encouraging mindful presence as you work with the willow.


Sex, Love & Relationships Coach
Yoga & Breathwork Instructor
Sarah has been practising yoga for over half her life and has been teaching for nine years, both in Scotland and internationally. A life-long student of embodied movement and healing modalities, Sarah brings her varied training in yoga, tantra and somatic-based practices into the classes, workshops and the 1:1 coaching sessions that she offers.

Sarah creates spaces to be fully present, to feel deeply and to bring a sense of playfulness and curiosity to our minds, emotions and physical bodies.

With a passion for the wilderness, Sarah's classes are inspired by nature, whether inside, cosied up by the fire, or outside in the Scottish woods and water.

Sarah also holds 1:1 women's and couples coaching sessions, supporting people to rediscover the power and pleasure of their bodies through body-mind connection, somatic practices and self-love.

You can find out more about Sarah's work through Instagram (@wildermoons) or through her website, or feel free to ask her at the retreats.


Lulu is a sport and exercise therapist specialising in massage and acupuncture. Having practised in Canada, Switzerland, and now Scotland, she is extremely well-practised with thousands of hands-on hours. From sports injuries to everyday niggles, to tension build up or even just relaxation and recovery, Lulu will be able to assess and offer her experience.

Lulu’s passions in life revolve around the physical, so she understands the demands of physical activity and everything else that life throws at you upon the body. She is both strong and gentle with intuition into each person’s energy, and each session will be tailored to you.

You will be a different person after a session with Lulu! You can book a massage with Lulu on any weekend retreat!