‘We strive to live a life in balance, explore mindfully, tread lightly and give more back to the land and our community than we take.’
-Eliza Brown, CEO & Founder of RVIVAL

Revive your survival instincts through immersive wilderness experiences.

Bridging the gap between an urbanised world and nature through tailor-made adventure, culinary and well-being experiences amidst the world's wilder settings.

WildernessFit Retreats will be working very closely in collaboration with Rvival to deliver the most powerful and unique experiences we can amongst some of the most inspiring and wild landscapes.

Both companies have the same mission to utilise and respect the land we are in, connect to and learn from our natural environment and strip everything back to basics.

This is an exciting collaboration that will grow over time, along with the demand for ‘real’ experiences.